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Frontier Plus Stove

Frontier Plus Stove

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I'm absolutely thrilled to now be stocking one of our favourite things from our home. This stove is used in the garden, it comes to the beach with us, camping...

A wonderful, warming focal point, boil a kettle for a cuppa after a sea swim, fry sausages for a sarnie, or rev it up like a fire pit and enjoy sitting around with friends in the garden.


The ultimate outdoor stove, the Frontier Plus is a portable log burning stove that can be fitted in tents, tiny homes, teepees and cabins or used outside on your deck for adventurous outdoor cooking.

Five flue pieces and the spark arrestor included.

  • Glass door, with airwash system so your glass is kept clear at all times
  • Air vent on door allow for optimum temperature control
  • Adjustable legs
  • 4-inch flue
  • Tools included, allowing you to adjust the bolts and legs on the stove

The Frontier Plus has a whole host of upgraded features that make using it and cooking on it easy, fun and efficient. Perfect for hardened adventurers and those who've never used a stove before, the Frontier Plus makes any camping or outdoor adventure a whole lot more fun.


Technical Spec -

Packed dimensions (cm)

60 x 37 x 37cm

Net Weight



Wood, Eco fuel


Steel, Glass, European oak

Packed weight


Total height (legs extended)


Total height (legs shortened)


Footprint (legs extended)

83cm x 45cm

Footprint (legs shortened)

71.5cm x 35.5cm

Height of top plate from floor (legs extended)


Height of top plate from floor (legs shortened)


Material thickness

2.5mm (top plate), 2mm (body)


47cm x 28cm x 24cm (length x width x height)


5 x pieces flue, 1 x spark arrestor

Distance to combustibles

At least 60cm to the sides and rear, 100cm from top of stove to flashing kit
Heat Output 3.5 kW


Always use a carbon monoxide alarm when using your stove in a tent or any enclosed space.


This item will be sent direct from Anevay, with a lead time of approx 2 working days.

Any items ordered with a stove will be sent separately, according to our standard shipping policy.


Steel, Glass, European oak.


Total height (legs extended): 278cm

Total height (legs shortened): 270cm

Footprint (legs extended): 83cm x 45cm

Footprint (legs shortened): 71.5cm x 35.5cm

Height of top plate from floor (legs extended): 48cm

Height of top plate from floor (legs shortened):

Material thickness: 2.5mm (top plate), 2mm (body)

Firebox: 47cm x 28cm x 24cm (length x width x height)

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