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Alice in Scandiland

Cornwall is where I was born and have lived all my life.

This beautiful part of the world influences all aspects of my daily world, my morning swims in the sea, where I have some of my best ideas, or, if I'm lucky, can quiet my racing mind completely. The wonderful landscapes, a celebration of natural beauty - something evident in my design ideas.

It's where I was proud to open my first bricks and mortar shop, in 2018.

I started the Alice in Scandiland blog several years ago, as a way for me to record the renovation process in our home, as well as a distraction from the "something is missing" feeling I had.

As a mother to two young girls, a role I thought would fulfill me for at least a decade, I found I was craving a creative outlet all for myself. To my surprise, people started following along and in 2017 I won the Amara Interior Blog Awards Best Design Inspiration award, an international accolade which completely blew me sideways.

Photo of a blurred Alice, walking into the front of her sun lit shop, holding a basket.


From then I started to take things a little more seriously, my following grew and I started to think about where this momentum could take me. 

As a side line to my writing, I started selling vintage homewares from my shed in the garden. I created the Alice in Scandiland Shop Instagram page, to share what I was up to, not really knowing the direction I was heading, but just going with the flow.

This proved very popular and before I really knew what I was getting myself into, fuelled by several glasses of wine, I found myself discussing the idea of taking over the shop at the front of my parent's house, in Lostwithiel.

Within an hour a plan was formed and within 6 weeks, on August 15th, 2018, suffering serious sleep deprivation, exhaustion and brain overload (my dad and I did the full shop fit in 4 days), I opened the doors to my real world high street store.

You can read about 'The Shop That Alice Built' over on the blog.

The Alice in Scandiland Shop is a celebration of contemporary and vintage interior design.

A love letter to the timeless Scandinavian way of life we have all become obsessed with. A place where old and new are brought together, to hopefully inspire you and spur you on to create your own magic at home.

I don't believe in trends and fads, there's no 'in and out of fashion' mentality here. Well designed, quality products that I feel will benefit your life, on a daily basis are my thing. Practical, everyday objects are my most favourite, the items around your home that can so often be overlooked or taken for granted.

Fast forward a few years and several trials & tribulations (Covid, Brexit, cost of living crisis...) and I'm still here in 2024!

My customer's support continues to amaze me and I'm proud to say my business has grown a lot in the last few years. The shop has evolved so much, both in looks but also we're now a team of 3 and looking ahead to what we're determined will be a positive year of sharing our favourite things with you.


Thank you for stopping by and even if we're too far away to ever meet in person, I hope you get a real sense of our passion via what we share online.

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