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I'm so thrilled to be stocking these wonderful decorations by

Beautiful in their simplicity and timeless design, these will only get better with age and become the pieces you look forward to decorating with the most.

Use for any celebration, on top of a tree, in a plant pot, a cake, on the wall, perched on a seasonal branch. The list goes on.

0.7mm brass.

Approximately 190mm across

Supplied with a length of brass wire to attach the topper to your tree

This piece will develop a gentle patina over time and if cared for will last a lifetime. say -

All our products are designed by us and are hand-crafted in limited batches by small workshops in the UK. We never make more than we need because we care deeply about treading gently on the planet. The materials we use are sustainable and our products are made to be cared for, and to endure.