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Walnut Candle Kit

Walnut Candle Kit

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Make your own beautiful floating walnut shell candles. This set includes all the basic materials you need to make 8 lovely little walnut candles.

8 Walnut shells

Cotton wick

4 blocks of beeswax

Jute drawstring bag


How to use your floating walnut candles:

Fill a decorative bowl with water. Always trim wick before lighting. Float your walnut shell candles in the water and light them! These candles will burn anywhere from 10-30 minutes based on how much wax you used. I usually extinguish them before they burn out completely for safety, but you can let them burn all the way down and they will go out on their own.


In addition to this set you will need the following:

Melting pot and larger pot


Egg carton

Decorative bowl (for lighting the candles)


Beeswax, Walnut Shells


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