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At Home with Nature

At Home with Nature

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Biophilic design has been scientifically proven to reduce absenteeism and increase creativity in the workplace, as well as improving cognitive development and exam results in students when implemented in classrooms. Putting all of that alongside a recent horrifying statistic that most of us spend 90% of our lives indoors - and that was recorded before a global pandemic! - why wouldn’t we want to incorporate some of nature’s nurturing properties back into our homes? Most of us know by now that it’s beneficial to nourish our bodies with high-quality organic ingredients, so why shouldn’t we apply that same care to the homes that we spend so much time in too? 


Biophilic designer, Marianna Popejoy has taken the six core biophilic principles and divided them up into twelve easy-to-follow chapters. From ‘Colour Psychology’ that can help boost your productivity, to ‘Natural Materials’ that aid a good night's sleep, all the way through to tips on choosing and caring for houseplants - this is a book that you are going to keep referring back to time and time again.


Linen cover


200 pages
23 x 27cm

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