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Terracotta Clay Pot

Terracotta Clay Pot

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Small, handmade pots made of clay for cuttings and small plants.

These clay pots are traditionally used as disposable cups in India, the country in which they are made. The small cups, called Bhar, are used for serving sweet, milky tea which is sold on the streets all over India. When the tea is finished, the cups are thrown away and pieces are crushed on the ground. Today, the use of these cups has disappeared in most parts of India in favour of disposable cups in plastic or paper.


Color shifts can occur, especially when watering. The pot should be used with a plate as the pot becomes damp and condensation can occur under the pot. 




High - approx 7.5cm x 11cm
Medium - approx 8cm x 9cm

Care information

Protect surfaces as terracotta is porous.
Keep away from frost.

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