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Silicone Food Covers - Fresh Thinking Co

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Silicone food covers are a great way of storing half cut onions, tomatoes, bananas etc.

Food Covers are reusable silicone wraps that preserve leftover food without disposable plastic wrap or kitchen foil. They slip on and off easily, providing a seal to help keep cut perishables fresher, longer. Food Huggers nest compactly for space saving storage and organisation.

This set of Food Coverd comes nested in 4 different sizes that can accommodate your partially-used produce (half-cut apples, lemons, onions, tomatoes, and more). The huggers seal glasses and jars too, perfect to keep that half-consumed drink fresh for later on.

 Care: Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe

Materials: 100% FDA food grade silicone. Packaging is 100% recycled card stock and can be recycled.

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