Keynvor Kiva 1475 Coffee Candle

Keynvor Kiva 1475 Coffee Candle

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Hand-poured in Cornwall.

It's written that the first recorded serving of hot coffee to the public was back in 1475. Located in the Turkish city of Constantinople, a coffee shop called Kiva Han served the first fine drops of this glorious liquid. This is Keynvor's own blend, added lovingly into our fine soy wax.

Strength: Strong


+ Fresh Coffee
+ A dash of Vanilla
+ Inspired by the origins of coffee

The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for approximately 40 hours.

Keynvor's medium amber candles are mixed and hand-poured by the sea. We use recycled labels and unique eco lids to lock in the fragrance, then each candle is finished with eco wrapping paper, creating the perfect gift for someone or yourself.