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Inhale Botanicals

Inhale Botanicals Floralia Milk Bath

Inhale Botanicals Floralia Milk Bath

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An aromatic blend of Lime, Ylang-ylang & Rose Geranium, to uplift mind and body and boost your mood.

Wonderfully moisturising and nourishing, this bath milk is packed full of soothing oats and buttermilk, alongside mineral rich Himalayan sea salts.

Sprinkle a handful into a warm bath, or use a bath bag if you'd prefer. Soak, relax and unwind.

The Alchemy -

Oatmeal - Wonderfully soothing + moisturising for dry, itchy skin and can help reduce inflammation. 

Buttermilk  - Full of alpha hydroxy acid and lactic acid, buttermilk helps to exfoliate and brighten skin tone.

Himalayas Salt - contains over 80 minerals, which help hydrate and repain the skin.

Made in the UK



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