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Comforting + Soothing Candle

Comforting + Soothing Candle

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Comforting + Soothing 100% Pure Essential Oil Candle

A comforting blend to help calm the mind and promote rest making this candle a wonderful sleep aid.

Lavender & Juniper gently soothe you, whilst warm hints of Marjoram comfort you. Howood adds an element of feeling at ease, making this blend particularly helpful to calm restlessness and anxiety - promoting peace & tranquility.

180ml | Vegan Soy Wax | Hand-poured in The South Downs | Approx 40-50 hrs burn time


Vegan Soy Wax


60ml/ 180ml

Care information

First Burn
On your first burn leave it burning for a minimum of 1-hour, to ensure an even wax melt that covers the diameter of the jar. This also helps the essential oil to slowly reveal itself, surrounding you with a pleasing and beneficial aromatic experience.

Please don't leave candles unattended or in the reach of children or pets. Rec burn time is no long than four hours.

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