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Chequered Sketch/Notebook | B&W

Chequered Sketch/Notebook | B&W

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This Sketch/Notebook features a black and white chequered cover and has a contrasting colourful lime-green inside.

Designed for people whose thoughts don't present themselves in straight lines and lists, Hadley notebooks have blank pages so you can write, sketch and doodle however you please. The paper is lovely and thick, so you can scribble and go back over things without it showing through.

Perfectly portable, ready to be used whenever an idea strikes. Explore your creativity with a Hadley sketch notebook.

These beautiful, perfect bound A5 notebooks are 15cm x 21cm and have 48 blank pages with rounded corners, for your very own sketches, notes, work things, doodles and important life-altering thoughts. The 150gsm paper comes from 100% recycled materials such as hemp and cotton and has a soft, absorbent texture, suitable for pencil, pen and paint.

The soft cover is a luxurious, textured 280gsm high-strength uncoated sustainable paper, made from pure ECF cellulose, FSC® certified.


280gsm high-strength uncoated sustainable paper, made from pure ECF cellulose, FSC® certified.


15cm x 21cm
48 blank pages

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